What People Dislike in Canada

Canada is filled with skyscrapers just as other nations are. Toronto Canada where the CN tower stands high is viewed from a distance, a symbol of Canadian people. Canada is actually filled with French cultures like the cuisine, fashion and food like the Chinoise Pate, ground beef with  a layer of mashed potatoes and corn. Most people think that Canada is a threatening country due to the individualism floating over their society. It is proven that their individualism was prominent when hurricane “Sandy” struck  Alberta.

House were hopeless and owners were helpless but it was reported on the news that they were not helped by their neighbourhood. Instead they were helped by a church “World Mission Society Church of God” that drove to Alberta from Edmonton. The same thing happened when the streets of Greenspoint area were flooded, the same church did the environmental clean-up.  Nevertheless, individualism is not that frightening. Not all people are like that. Canada has been reformed a little bit due to the influenced of other people flying in from afar.

Like this, people become indignant when they hear the word “individualism”. Of course, this is part of their culture and is regarded as a negative culture by other cultures, (it might be very unhealthy) Still, Canada is undeniably beautiful space to travel. They also said that Toronto is not a good place to live in. People are always people. They always like to be comforted in the midst of their inconvenient life. This is why they like to be staying in a comfortable place.