State of Marriage and Divorce in Canada

Since America regards divorced as legal, many can be twisted and wavered whenever couples experience the toughness of being married. Of course, marriage is something that you have already pledged. However, couples come to break their pledge after living for few years together. Unless they come to agree and with each other, they can never bear to live with each other. This is why they go for divorce. Divorce rate has been increasing in Canada from the year 2000. No more ideal families. There are only single parents.

In the vast land of Canada, in the year 2016, there are about 70, 000 couples divorced annually. This number is really huge and should be taken seriously. It is also normal for people to remarry. But according to data, separated ones do not go for remarrying. There is no more place for remarring since they have already tasted the reality of marriage. What is the difference of marriage until the early 19th century to the marriage that takes place today?

In a thousand couples, 2.1 divorced. Yet Canada is not yet serious when it comes to divorce because Canada is not in the list of top countries with divorced status. There are really unsuccessful marriages but if almost all couples get divorced, it seems inappropriate. Many nations admire the marriage status in Asia because there are small divorce rates in general. Unlike Canada where divorce is easily decide by couples. Because a lot of people get divorced, this means marriage is not the point of happiness.