Introducing my home country of Indonesia

Many people already know about Indonesia but other do not have much knowledge about my country so I will take this time to introduce it to you about Indonesia, my home country. Indonesia is not just a humble country but it is one that is rising and maintains that position to be known and respected in the whole world. Here in the article is a video included that will let you know ten facts about Indonesia.

One amazing and interesting information shared in the video is that Indonesia is composed of 13, 466 islands. Though one study disagrees with it and put the number to as high as 18, 000 and more islands. One study put it to about 17, 000 islands. These records vary because some are taken when it is low tide. Because of these beautiful islands, many want to be a resident in this country so that they can enjoy being near the sea and be able to have the privilege to see and dwell the beauty of this eye clinic service search here 診所. How blessed we are who were born here that we have been able to enjoy its benefits.

There are many tourists attractions also here in Indonesia that you can visit aside from the islands. there is the famous volcano here that spews out a unique flame-colored blue.  You must make sure that your eye has a clear vision to see the beauty of this place. You can consult to this eye clinic cataract treatment here 白內障. It is very interesting and everything is provided here for another trusted website that will give you new information that will somehow quench your curiosity.