Canadian Fashion

If you are not a Canadian and a firs timer visitor to Canada, you will be shocked when you see the fashion of Canadian women.  Canadian women are simple: they do not put too much make-up. They are confident of themselves no matter how they look like. Their shopping stores are full of branded products for males and females to see what suits them. It is already in their culture to dress up properly when going to their work or offices. They have to dress up decently. But that is not the case when they go out for activities like swimming and recreational activity. There are many cases that women appear in sleeveless, shorts, topless with their cleavage popping out and the like.

This is how they live in their daily life. This is the dress code and they are happy with it. On top of that, the shopping Le Chateu in Montreal is the most famous shopping destination in Canada. Everything is there– beauty products, garments like wedding dress and casual attire, shoes, bags and other accessories that men and women can use. The products there are really good and attractive. Of course, there more than just being dressed up like this. The most important is that they do not really care what others are wear because they care of their personal consciousness and that they do not criticize other’s dressing style because it is already in their culture to care and look at yourself first. Men are different when it comes to dressing style because they appear decent in the types of garments they wear.