Canadian Arts and Culture

How is Canada?

Well, Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, full of amazing tourist destinations and rich in culture, worthy of being big nation! Fly to Canada and see the beautiful natural landscape that they have. Taste a bit of their culture and get news from the media about their dreams as a nation. There are many foreign settlers in Canada since it is one of the most convenient and comfortable place to settle. You must be very interested in their lifestyle including their fashion arts and many more.

If you are going to take a look into the people of Canada, they are diverse. This place uses two different languages: French and English. Literature and arts are part of their culture and you can see them when you go around Canada. People loves staying here though. In their nation, you will see that they tolerate each other and they do not discriminate other cultures.

It is said that they respect justice and so they have that kind of certain “human right be yours”. This is why Canada grants all the freedom that an individual needs. So they respect freedom of religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical attributes of humanity. They have their own traditional dance and celebrations that would add to the unity of the nation and pride of individual as Canadian nationals, like an old tradition Pow-Wow. This is a type of a Canadian gathering full of singing and dancing celebrating for the nation. It is good that this has been preserved to this very day. In their arts, painting is one of the most basic way they could preserve their history. Religious institution are decorated with paintings and they are regarded as important. The primitive arts comes in different forms like cave objects, carved materials of religious nature.  The Winter Carnival is another  celebration in Canada when parades, ice sculptures, snow slide, dances and music are performed.