Stunning Landscapes and Views

Canada is the largest city and multicultural place in North America. There are lots of beautiful landscape to spend our time for during vacation While reading this, imagine that you are in Canada….

1. Mount Assiniboine, British Columbia

This is regarded as one of the most beautiful landscapes in North America lying on the borader of Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park and Banff National Park.

2. Cape Breton

This landscape is very amazing for driving routine, hiking, biking and many outdoor activities.

3. Les Iles de la Madeline

Located in Quebec, sand dunes, lagoons, wetlands are very amazing.

4. Bugaboo Mountains

This is another landscape found in British Columbia, with a high peak for mountain climbers.

5. Great Bear Rainforest

Another from British Columbia called the Amazon of the North, full of granite-dark waters, moss-covered mountains and  glacier-cut fjords.

6. Vancouver

This majestic landscape possesses a natural playground where tourist can swim in the ocean, play in the scenic parks, snow ski in the mountains. In this place is found the Stanley Park that covers area of woodlands, gardens, and green spaces

7. Whistler

Located in the coast mountains of British Columbia, whistler is now the largest mountain of whistler alpine and largest ski destination in North America. It is a two-hour trip from Vancouver. The sea to sky high way at the base of the two mountains are three quaint villages.

9. Vancouver Island-

This is the largest island of the West Coast of the North American Continent and it is located across from Washington State. You can go there by using ferry through San Juan Islands from Vancouver of from Post Angeles Peninsula.

10. Niagara Falls

The world’s most beautiful waterfalls is the three most amazing waterfalls situated on the border of Ontario and New York. Aside from the waterfalls itself, the view of the coast is so overwhelming and breath-taking.

11. Banff National Park

One of the nation’s most visited parks in the country located in Alberta. This wildlife park takes care of animals like wolves, bear, bald eagle, bison and others. The spectacular scenery of the wildlife park attracts people’s attention.